Special Irregular Sale-- Absolution, One of RDJ's best albums in music CD format (not mp3) for only $4.95

The printer goofed and left one track name off the label on a batch of these regular music CD's. The extra song itself is on the CD, just not listed on the label. Regular retail price is $16.95. But while supplies last we are selling these as irregulars, for only $4.95 +$2s&h

  Shrink-wrapped, jewel box, with extra liner notes, shipped in bubble wrap same day. Costs less than downloading the mp3s, wav converting and burning your own CD.

Includes: Monsters Weep at Dawn, Red Vespers, The Mystery Below, Fog is an Ocean Dreaming, A Sea of Stars, Seabreath, The Storm is Innocent, Iron Jib, and The Infinite Present. You can audition samples of all these tracks in the regular mp3 section of this website.

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