Inspired by the “Hearts of Space“ tradition and electronic music artists such as Edgard Varese (google him, please,) and John Cage, Steven Halpern, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Andreas Wollenweiter.

Resisting The Syllogism

C2007 Robert D. Jansen

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"Unpredictable, wonderfully pure sounds...Very musical, not your ordinary ambient".

"The sound spectrum is filled like the canvas of an abstract painting with evocative color and texture....many more sounds are used than in a conventional orchestra. Tonal sequences resist  the standard harmonic arguments and major and minor keys act like light and dark in an impressionist  painting. "

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#1 Resisting the Syllogism #6 Lullaby
#2 Contingency #7 Demons Everywhere
#3 Black Tuesday #8 Inside Out
#4 Black Sunday  #9 What Might Have Been
#5 Black Friday  #10 The Triumphant March Into Hell

You can immediately download the hi-def mp3's and listen, then decide how much you want to pay. I am trusting the listener this way because thirty second track samples just can't convey the actual listening experience, and low fidelity streaming versions totally miss the startling sound depth of the 32 bit, 96KHz mp3's. If you download and like these tracks please don't forget to support the artist in any amount you see fit. 

"I don't want to become immortal because of my art; I want to become immortal by not dying." Woody Allen



Rapturous lush journeys into spacious oceans of sound.

(Ambient, Abstract, Electronic, Classical))