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The tracks below on this page can be sampled here and many are available as single track downloads at http://www.emusic.com/artist/R-D-Jansen-MP3-Download/11580245.html and other music websites including iTunes. For the best quality sound many of them may be purchased on their original CD albums at CD Baby. Click here to go to CDBABY. All 54 tracks on this page are on the mp3 megadisc, see top of this page, which also includes all the other tracks on this website,  118 mp3's in all, in spectacular hi res mp3's.
 Monsters Weep at Dawn [6:44] Play  Lie quietly and listen in the dark with eyes closed. Notice that your visual field is not perfectly black with your eyes closed. It is actually full of patches of light that are constantly changing. You are looking right at the ongoing activity of your own brain as it processes the sounds that are playing. Gently pay attention to the wonder of these changing images as the music plays.
Escape to Sea 5:15 Play

Very Greek sounding, a sea chantey almost, suggestive of the Aegean, with nautical sounds and pan flutes.

Stormy Bangkok Baby


A lullaby in the rain. Recorded in the Florida Keys, not Bangkok, but the karma is Thai. 

Angel Mutiny Reprise


Movie theme for Lucifer, the angel who blew it. Reprise mixes other themes from the sound track of Rain in Hell..

A Sea of Stars [4:57] Play

"The open sound makes you feel like you are in a huge space and can see forever. Youíve got plenty of room, you are free, and you can relax. Your mindís eye becomes focused on an infinite horizon, as in the mountains or the desert or at sea. It is no coincidence that such open places are chosen by those seeking rest, recreation or spiritual insight."

Fog is an Ocean Dreaming [4:53] Play

 "the human neural affinity for dreamy oceanic floating may have its basis in our first experiences in the womb. But it might be even more fundamental, a vestige of an ancient evolutionary period when we swam for a living, when the saline ocean itself was our bloodstream."

The Infinite Present [6:27] Play

The less you rush, the more spacious the present becomes, until it is so large that you can no longer fill it. Then, you suddenly realize that past and future are fictions that do not exist at all, that there is only the present, and it has no dimensions or infinite ones.   

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The Mystery Below [5:59] Play

Below. When sailing at night, in a boat or your dreams, there is always Mystery below the phosphorescent  surface, things that go bump and great hulking dark shapes that appear from nowhere.  

Eurosprite [4:34] Play

Inspired by the "meditation music" of Steven Halpern, the "ambience" is stressed and the harmonies and melodic lines are hopeful and childlike.

Soft Kitten [6:47] Play

Ethereal and introspective, sustained melodic lines, punctuated by tinkling brass, evolve into choir cascades, gather energy and then descend into the Interior, exploring and spelunking a series of grand caverns below.

The Storm is Innocent Play

A storm can kill you, but, for all its power, it cannot offend you.  

 Iron Jib [7:32] Play

An iron jib is the engine in a sailboat. Running with the engine, especially at night, can be as hypnotic as silent running before the wind. The tiny repetitive sounds seem like nothing in contrast to the awe of the ocean.  

The tracks on this page can be listened to here and many are available as single track downloads at http://www.emusic.com/artist/R-D-Jansen-MP3-Download/11580245.html. Also most of them may be purchased on the original albums at CD Baby. Click here to go to CDBABY. All 54 tracks on this page are on the mp3 megadisc, see top of this page, which also includes all the other tracks on this website,  118 mp3's in all.
Mahler [4:55]  Play

Gustav Mahler generated randomly, but with a little help from an added melodic line. See Pre-Mahler track above. 

Pre-mahler #35R1-mix2 [4:35] Play

Cloying, voice-like sounds and sustained majestic Wagnerian trumpets, four tones available at once, 2 random sequences mixed. I was trying for a random Parsifal environment, but got Gustav Mahler instead. I couldn't resist adding a Mahler-like melodic line to this track later (see Mahler, below) 

Fanfare for the Uncommon Man [4:02] Play

Random sequencing of the same tones used in Copeland's famous Fanfare for the Common Man. With a short non-random resolution grafted on. 

Klingsor's Garden [7:17] Play

Klingsor was the dark magician in Wagner's last opera, Parsifal, who does his best to distract Parsifal from his quest for the Holy Grail. Klingsor's garden had magic flower maidens, but this entrancing Halpern-like piece has audio devices that are just as seductive.  



Entrance to what? A windswept wilderness, a door, perhaps a monastery, chanting inside, and.... 

A Florida Key [5:15] Play

The atmosphere of the Keys is not laid back but intense. This is because it is inhabited not by beachcombers but by retired, high powered, professionals, since no one else can afford the real estate.  Tense and tropical, and touristy.   

Early Mass 6:13 Play

No Gloria or Credo, but the holy feelings which used to accompany attending mass in the early morning. Mostly strings and choir voices, rather classical. 

LeGrand [6:27] Play

A classical tribute to Michele Le Grand, the movie composer of Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Thomas Crown Affair, etc.  

Heroine [5:20]


Heroine The ambiguity of this title is intentional. In romantism the general idea of the feminine functions like an opiate. Symbolized here by the ocean, it is pensive, expressive, receptive, but always most beautiful when braving danger.

Sufia [7:38]


The walking drum and bells of a caravan on the Silk Road, the exotic, the strange, Sufia is about eight minutes of an iterative composition that can run for many hours without exactly repeating. In iterative composing, many musical loops of different lengths are set in motion simultaneously. If there are enough loops and they are well designed, the ongoing sound combination will be unique for a very long time. The not-so-easy trick is to make it sound good all the while. Sufia can run as a midi program for several days before exactly repeating.

Tres Sheik [5:00]


As I was working on this piece, I kept thinking of the classic movie, Lawrence of Arabia, and of the sheik played by Omar Sharif in particular. What would such a sheik be like today, perhaps living in London or New York , suave and urbane, in a chic Armani suit?

Icefield Drums [4:55] Play

Basically an arpeggio study. Most modern synthesizers have the ability to generate complicated, symmetric arpeggios from single played tones. Icefield Drums intentionally fragments and interrupts the too-perfect synthetic arpeggios, continually superimposing and contrasting their activity to floating, broad, sweeping melodic lines.



Hieronymous Bosch was a 14th century painter, famous for panels of hell populated by odd dwarfs and demons. Probably used strong drugs, or was hallucinating from schizophrenia. 

Dorado 5:13 Play

Completely synthetic voices seem to say "Dorado", as really strange sound patterns repeat below.

 Flow 4:49 Play

Moving right along, flow is the feeling of energy and pace that makes time fly.

The tracks on this page can be listened to here and many are available as single track downloads at http://www.emusic.com/artist/R-D-Jansen-MP3-Download/11580245.html. Also most of them may be purchased on the original albums at CD Baby. Click here to go to CDBABY. All 54 tracks on this page are on the mp3 megadisc, see top of this page, which also includes all the other tracks on this website,  118 mp3's in all.
Lightness 6:15 Play

We easily fly, we often float, but are we really lighter when we dream? Does our dreaming brain think it still swims for a living? Could it be that our ancient dream-maker just doesnít realize that we now carry the saline ocean with us as our bloodstream? Perhaps the lightness of dreams is something more than that. Saints and mystics speak of a lightness of being so intense that is almost painful. Contradiction is the nature of the universe, and when that is revealed, by use of koan, meditation, joke or nocturnal dream, a heavy burden is taken from our shoulders. For a brief time we are back in the Garden, innocent again and lighter of being.

Intervals [5:56] Play

I am indebted to Ravi Shankar and Sir Yahudi Menouin for an exquisite collaborative album they made of morning and evening ragas. My Intervals track explores a similar antiphonal dialogue between strings and voices, with a drone providing the inexorable quality of unfolding.

Secret Jeannie [6:03] Play

Thinking about "Umbrellas" while writing LeGrand reminded me of an equally tragic affair I later had with a girl who physically could have been Deneuve's twin sister. The track called "Secret Jeannie" is an evolved mixture of a Stephen Foster song, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, a Broadway tune, Camelot, (from the show of the same name), an old pop ballad, (Once I had a) Secret Love, and the title song from the original airplane disaster film, The High and Mighty. The choices make sense, but only Jeannie, wherever she is, will understand.

 Sweet Sorrow [5:57] Play

Sweet Sorrow, alludes to Romeo and Juliet, another tragedy with inevitable unfolding. Juliette says, with prescience, "Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Sheep May Safely [3:53] Play

J.S.Bach's lovely Where Sheep may Safely Graze, has a machine-like persistence to it, almost as if it were an industrial loom driven by a water wheel. This quality drives flute and oboe players crazy, since it allows no space for breathing, but for organ or keyboard players, derivative of the loom technology of the industrial revolution, its no problem.

Essence of Tosca [4:23] Play

You can hear the inevitability of Tosca's demise in the opening chords of Puccini's opera, three acts before her suicidal leap. It is hard to write a derivative piece about a gorgeous work by Puccini without quoting it like mad, but in Essence of Tosca I tried to get past the musical surface of the opera.

Arigato Obligato [5:22] Play

An arpeggio study which explores the many ways that arpeggios can be fragmented. In this case, dozens of different sound fonts and sampled sounds are interchanged in real-time while the pretty but stupid arpeggiator is being frustrated and manipulated.Is there a social message here?

From the Hip [5:45] Play

From the Hip has sustained celestial lines floating over earthy, tabla-like pitter-patter. The musical impression is vaguely Indian, although it is highly stylized and with greater contrast between the musical parts.

Happiness Intrudes [2:44] Play

Happiness Intrudes begins with a fireworks display that quickly develops into a serious post-partum depression. The narcissism is seductive until suddenly an idiotically happy, ramshackle marimba band appears out of nowhere to break the mood.

Parathera [4:26] Play

Parathera uses a theramin played against Patten-echoing trumpets and conspicuously phased voices. The liquid sound of the theramin is superimposed on the two different-speed vibrati

 Reggia [5:12] Play

Reggia started life as a light reggae piece but using horns made the theme very large and broad and it all got too majestic and evolved into something more like "Chariots of Fire". Just when I think I am so musically sophisticated, this sort of thing happens.

Trembling Brave [5:39] Play

Tremblingbrave is homage to jazz legend Miles Davis. In 1960 with arranger Gil Evans he produced an award-winning album called "Sketches of Spain". If you havenít heard this classic, you must.

 Woochin [6:19] Play

WooChin begins with chime-like rhythms, a call to sacred rites perhaps, which is followed by individuals antiphonal calling. One can easily imagine a fantastic race of aliens on distant planet, keening beneath an orange sky at the full of four moons.

Brokenheart [5:58]


In the broken heart of a true romantic, sadness is strangely beautiful, attractive almost. Well described by John Fowles in The French Lieutenantís Woman, the wistful longing of unrequited or lost love is a pure statement of romantic values without the mess of reality and the discomfort of consumatory guilt. Like a dog chasing cars, a true romantic is almost completely unequipped to deal with success

 Healingheart [5:17]


A "broken" heart is a set of memories. How can it heal? Only if we first are able to abandon the sweet narcotic of depression and the intoxicating irresponsibility of seeing ourselves as victim. A heart is healing when it has forgotten to be broken.
The tracks on this page can be listened to here and many are available as single track downloads at http://www.emusic.com/artist/R-D-Jansen-MP3-Download/11580245.html. Also most of them may be purchased on the original albums at CD Baby. Click here to go to CDBABY. All 54 tracks on this page are on the mp3 megadisc, see top of this page, which also includes all the other tracks on this website,  118 mp3's in all.
MarieTherese [5:53]


Die FeldMarschallin, of course, from Strauss' Der Rosenkavalier.[1911].
Nowhere [5:08]


Now Here. A painful trumpet floats over the rather classical orchestral background. Homage to Miles Davis and Gil Evans, of course, one more excruciating sketch of pain. The title is a play on words: "nowhere" can be made into "now here" just by adding a little space.
Openheart [6:22]


The essential tension of romanticism is represented in this piece by the tremolo strings throughout. Other fearful strings squint into the harsh sunlight above this trembling ground, but, with the help of reassuring horns, a sadder-but-wiser piano manages to calm and balance the free-floating anxiety with measured and lyrical resolution.

Eve [5:40]


Eve, the first heroine. Eve begins in the garden of Eden, English horn and all, with all of the creatures chattering and chirping and roaring contentedly. Enter a jazz beat, and the inexorable sound of a train on the tracks. Eve struggles, but the Beat goes on and she begins to see the attraction. In the end she goes with it, with the flow, and the peaceful grandure of the Garden and the beasts, and her own innocence, recede into oblivion.

Water 2


Character theme from Rain In Hell



Character theme from Rain In Hell

Water 4


Character theme from Rain In Hell

Sound Effects  all on the mp3 megadisc          

Cricket Beat 588kb A four second loop which can repeat forever. Crickets and a heart-like beat relax anyone nicely. In wav file format.
Key Storm 3.3 mb

A tropical storm digitally recorded in Big Pine Key, Florida, 30 miles from Key West. Great effect, and relaxing mp3 format.

Purring cat 896kb

The sounds of a cat's purring has recently been scientifically  shown to aid in healing. This loop is in wav file format.

Repeatable Fog Signals on CD 5.3mb

All the bell and whistle code signals you need for boating in restricted visibility. Just play on your deck speakers and repeat the track you want. Archived in mp3 format for downloading, but can be easily converted to regular wav format for burning a CD if your boat player doesn't read mp3s.

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