Robert D. Jansen   Curriculum Vitae v06.05


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1975 B.A., San Francisco State University. Psychology.

1980 Ph.D., Univ. of California-Santa Barbara. Experimental Psychology




2001-2005: Website development (, Digital studio production/mix/edit facilities. Psychotherapeutic music.


1990-2001 PALMER UNIVERSITY, San Jose, CA  Professor (full) 1990-2001 Chair, Life Sciences (1991-92), Chair, Institutional Analysis, 1992-95, First Year Coordinator (2001)


1989-96 Executive Director of CCR, a 13-college, international research consortium


1986-90  LIFE-WEST COLLEGE, San Lorenzo, CA.

Associate Professor, Director of Research


1980-85, Consumer behavior analyst, marketing research: THE RESEARCH ALLIANCE, San Francisco, CANDLE CORP. and PSYCOM, INC. Los Angeles



1980-82 GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY, San Francisco, CA. Instructor, Consumer Behavior and statistics.


1979-1980 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-SANTA BARBARA. Teaching Associate. Experimental  Psych


1975-1978 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-SANTA BARBARA. Teaching Assistant. Intro Psych, Personality, Psychopathology.



Periodicals librarian; Outpatient (hemodialysis) supply Accounting: grants administration





Robert D. Jansen,     Academic Details


Palmer University: (1990-2001) basic statistics, research methods and design, decision theory, testing, plus individual studies.

Life West College: (1986-90) experimental design and statistical analysis.

Golden Gate University-San Francisco, CA  (1981-82), statistical methods related to Consumer Behavior, Survey methods.

University of California-Santa Barbara (1975-79), Introduction to Psychology Experimental Psychology labs, Abnormal Psychology 1980-81:Personality theory; Experimental methods; Eyewitness Interviewing methods

External Funding Experience

Have written at least twenty government and private agency grant proposals. Have been funded eight times, totaling amount approximately $250,000.

Editorial Board Member

 1986-2001, Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics.



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