Backache? Sore back? Lower backache or upper backache? Sore back muscles? Need a backache remedy, backache relief?

Let gravity smooth out your backache 

with this amazing BackRoller

 By Robert D. Jansen, Ph.D.

When I was teaching at the University of California in 1980 a friend told me that he had discovered a simple way to ease backaches that “could put chiropractors out of business if the secret ever got out”.

The Rolled-up Towel Trick

“Just roll a bath towel up into a tight cylinder,” my friend told me, “put it down on the carpet the long way, ease your spine back down onto it and then slowly roll side-to-side. You won’t believe what happens. It’s like an instant chiropractor,” he said.

I tried the towel trick and the effect was even better than he claimed. Later, during the fifteen years that I directed spinal research at two major chiropractic colleges, I often asked chiropractors what they thought of the “towel trick”. All of them were impressed with this simple and convenient way to massage tense back muscles and possibly even to re-align spinal vertebrae.

          There were two problems with the idea in 1980. One was that the towel kept coming unrolled. I tried using rubber bands around the towel, but it still soon came unrolled anyway, so heavy was the pressure and friction of rolling on it. The other problem was that the towel was limp and so could not easily be positioned behind an upright person seated on a chair, for example. What was needed was a light weight, firmly resilient material shaped like a rolled up towel that was stiff enough to be used either upright or lying down, and tough enough to take a lot of punishment. The right material just didn’t exist in 1980.


Well, it does today. Now the “towel” has become a closed-cell foam cylinder 18 inches long, 2.25 inches in diameter, with a half-inch diameter hole down the center to allow a cord to be strung through it. It can be used lying flat on the rug as in the original towel trick, behind your back in a car seat or against the back of an office chair, on a firm bed, or anywhere else. No electricity or batteries, no moving parts, it never comes apart even with the hardest pressure or friction, and is so inexpensive that anyone can afford to keep one in the car, one at the office, and one at home. It is blessed relief from too much computer mouse or too much freeway, because it can be directed to put rolling pressure anywhere on your back, shoulders or neck, just like the strong fingers of a masseuse, but with gravity and your own body weight doing the massage.


The real secret is the shape. The BackRoller is a long, firmly resilient  cylinder, and so pressing against it creates a moving wave of force rather than one single point poked into the middle of a tense area. It acts like a rolling pin on large back muscles and is similar to deep tissue massage techniques that “wring out” muscles. It also can generate a “domino effect” that moves up or down your spinal segments. Like a backscratcher, it isn’t hard to figure out how to use it: you just position it where it feels best, then lay back or push your back against it using a rolling motion. Solid bliss!


Sounds simple, and it is. Yet the best ideas always are, aren’t they? The BackRoller was a great idea just waiting for the right modern material, closed-cell foam, which itself cost millions to develop.

It took all my personal experience and professional insight to realize that backrollers should be made of closed cell foam, but it didn't cost me millions out-of-pocket. So, unlike most medical products, BackRollers don't have to be sold for obscenely high prices to repay investors. Closed-cell foam is perfect for the job but is actually inexpensive.

I want everybody with back pain to have a backroller and I am hoping that people everywhere will obtain closed cell foam cylinders any way they can. That is why I carefully described the dimensions in the paragraph above.  Backrollers should be everywhere you go, as common as toothbrushes.


Can't find the right material? Not to worry: if you can't find a local plastic supplies store with closed cell foam you can very quickly obtain ready-made backrollers from me at my cost. In fact,  they are so lightweight and inexpensive that I will mail you a set of three BackRollers so that you can keep one in your car, your work place and your home, all 3 for $19.95 + postage. Order below using Paypal (credit card or e-check) or you can just mail me $24 cash in an envelope. Be sure to include your own address in the envelope.

Send to Dr. Bob Jansen, 6600 Ed Bluestein Blvd, #1107, Austin, Texas 78723.

         You don't have to take my word for anything I have just said. See for yourself. Just go ahead, get yourself a small bath towel and try the rolled-up towel trick on your own carpet.

Keep in mind that my closed cell backrollers won't come undone like the towel, and are stiff enough to use vertically in your car seat or office chair, where you really need them most. Order now and get 3 backrollers for $19.95. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

(Note: The BackRoller is a better way for a person to massage their own back muscles. But massage alone is not a substitute for regular medical check-ups, especially if you have had chronic back pain or numbness in your hands or legs. Here is a great place to learn more about back problems (just click here to go to)
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